I design easy and intuitive experiences for humans who use complex applications

Case Studies

Debugging Simulation Workflows

This effort eliminated the heavy technical support and diagnostic costs that the company was spending on every customer deployment

Monitoring Simulations

A web & mobile app strategized to onboard users of newly acquired companies, & to provide as a single source of truth to monitor different types of Simulations.

Draw Motion

An interactive experience based on intuitive body movement was displayed at the Cyber Arts & Pozen Art Galleries in Boston. 2-year old baby Miles danced around, while 70-year old Marie said it was a peaceful and meditative experience for her.

Wayfinding at Mass General Hospital

I worked with the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to improve the wayfinding experience for patients.


Let me share some things you won't find on my Resume.

You will find me trying something new almost all the time. I enjoy the process of learning and as a result, failing. I am currently taking an Advanced Metalsmithing class, where I'm learning how to make brass, copper, and silver jewelry.
Last weekend I volunteered at the community library near my house to shelve some childrens' picture books. And guess what? I enjoyed it so much. The illustrations are amazing, & I was mindful & present the entire time.

I find satisfaction and joy in designing for people. Every day I work on something that will improve a small part of someone's life. Great user experiences are powerful and impactful. Here are some areas as a designer I enjoy the most:


attention to detail



I'm happy to connect over LinkedIn or via e-mail to chat about anything design.